After a worker in a Wal-Mart warehouse cut his knuckle on the job, he claims to have contracted a flesh eating bacteria that left him injured and disabled.  The worker reportedly contracted the strain following contact with wood pallets that carry bacteria and droppings from birds, rodents and bugs.  His case highlights questions surrounding the rights workers have on the job.

His lawsuit against the company alleges that he was infected after working in a facility that was unnecessarily unsafe and unsanitary.  He seeks an award of $50,000.  The worker underwent multiple surgeries, including skin grafts.  He continues to have trouble with arm movement in the injured arm and faces therapy and rehabilitation for his injuries.

In his duties the worker was required to clean wooden pallets that contained rodent droppings and debris.  This is the point at which the worker contracted the disease.  If the employer was negligent, is the worker entitled to a sum of money that will help cover his medical costs?  The final decision is up to the court, but there are some things to consider.  If you have been the victim of an unsafe work environment your actions and even the things you say can affect the outcome of a possible lawsuit.  Download your free copy of Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim, a service provided by Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys for more information.

Flesh-eating germs are introduced to the body by way of a cut or a scrape or some other open skin wound.  The fast-growing bacteria spread quickly, releasing toxins that kill healthy tissue along the way.  Symptoms of flesh-eating bacteria include painful, red lumps on the skin; open, oozing wounds; rapidly changing areas of skin that appear bruised; and wounds that have a black center.  Immediate and thorough wound cleansing can help prevent infection.  But note that if any of the symptoms appear, immediate medical attention is imperative.  In some cases, infected wounds can change dramatically by the hour.

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