What Can You Do About It?

Work injury cases are not uncommon. Usually they happen like this: you go to work, something on the job site causes you to become injured and unable to work, you receive workers' compensation benefits and recover, returning to work when your injury is healed.


Not necessarily. Sometimes circumstances are not that neat and tidy. What if you have an old injury that is aggravated by the working conditions on your job? What if your old injury is reinjured? Can you claim worker’s compensation?

Your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance may cover the additional injury caused by workplace conditions. For help understanding your rights, get your copy of our book, How to Avoid Becoming a Work Injury Horror Story.

When you have an old injury that is made worse by work conditions, it is called an “intervening injury.” Intervening injuries cause a number of issues:

  • Treatment. Having already undergone past treatment for the old injury, you may face longer treatment and the resulting expenses.
  • Permanent injury. In the case of a knee injury, your reinjured leg may sustain permanent damage resulting in loss of use of the leg or eventual amputation. Nerve damage and other complications resulting from a reinjured leg can cause permanent disability.
  • Complications to healing. Reinjury can cause an already painful injury to worsen. Healing is delayed and other costly and painful treatments may be required.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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