In one sense, you have already survived. The brain injury that you suffered in a motor vehicle crash on Burlington Street in North Kansas City did not kill you. However, it likely left you changed. Things are probably different than they were prior to the accident and the question now is how to move on with the rest of your life.

Five Things That Will Make You a Successful Brain Injury Survivor

If you define “surviving” as something different than “continuing to live” then you may have to advocate for your survival. You may have to work hard to make your future not simply about continuing to live, but rather about continuing to live the way that you want to live and about recovering to the maximum medical extent possible.

The following things may make you more likely to survive, according to that definition of survival:

Having a positive attitude 

Believe that you will survive the way you want to survive.

Being willing to work hard

This won’t be easy. Your physical and financial recoveries will require work, but you can do it.

Accepting help

You don’t have to do all of this alone. Build a support team around you. Such a team may include your family, friends, doctors and lawyer.

Fighting for justice

Don’t sit back and accept what happened. Instead, fight to protect your legal rights and possible recovery.

Being creative 

If you can’t do something the way that you used to, then you may need to be creative. Find another way to get it done or find something else to do that you find just as fulfilling.

Of course, you likely have unique personal attributes that will benefit you during the recovery process.

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