Sometimes after a car crash it seems that no one has been injured. However, head injuries can be sneaky and are not always obvious. It is vital to get immediate treatment for this type of injury. Do you know how to identify a potentially serious traumatic brain injury (TBI)? These injuries can be classified as open head injuries or closed head injuries.

Facts You Should Know About Head Injuries

  • Most head injuries are minor and will heal without medical treatment. However, there are millions of head injuries every year that are or can be more serious.

  • Car collision accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

  • Head injuries cause about 34% of total injury deaths in the United States, and equal about half of the head injuries that need hospital care.

  • Head injuries aren't always apparent. They can cause brain damage with long term or permanent effects. You don't have to be knocked unconscious for that to be a problem. It can cause problems such as physical, psychological, and intellectual disabilities. The injury can cause personality changes for the patient too. Studies have shown that people that have had a concussion are more likely to commit suicide than people who have not had a traumatic brain injury.

The brain is very delicate and is protected by the skull. However if the injury is great enough the skull can fracture, or the brain can be jostled inside of the skull and injure the tissues. The brain is involved in nearly every function of the human body, so injuring it can be catastrophic.

What Are The Types Of Head Injuries?

  • When something breaks the bones of the skull and ends up inside it is called an open head injury. An example of this is when a person flies through the windshield of a car in a traffic accident.

  • When there is a heavy impact to the head but the skull isn't broken it can be called a closed head injury. An example of a closed head injury is when a passenger in a Kansas City car crash hits the dashboard in the car but nothing is broken.

What Are Some Of The Problems Experienced From Head Injuries?

  • The brain can get bruised from being thrust against the skull. This can cause blood to pool in one area. It can bleed and cause brain damage that cannot be reversed.

  • Coma, loss of sensations, seizures, trouble talking, and recurrent headaches are common.

  • A concussion is the most common head injury. This is caused when the brain is heavily shaken inside the skull.  It can cause memory loss, coma, and unconsciousness if it is severe.

What Signs Should You Be Concerned About?

If you or someone else has been in a Kansas City car crash, be careful to watch for the following signs of a potentially serious head injury.

  • Excessive drowsiness

  • Severe headache and/or a stiff neck

  • Throwing up

  • Behaving unusually or acting confused

  • Visual hallucinations

  • Unconsciousness

  • Seizures

  • Wound to the scalp or bruising

  • Fluid or blood coming out of the ears, mouth, or nose

  • Pupil size doesn't match from one eye to the other

  • Trouble moving, breathing or speaking

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