Is there a magic solution to the growing number of Parkville wrong way car accidents? Unfortunately there is no single answer to that problem. It still occurs frequently. However, there are some things you can do to help prevent wrong way collisions. You can start with changing your own bad habits, and educating your family and friends too. Even just one person following safety guidelines can make a difference. Just think, you could be that one person that saves a life by driving responsibly.

What Are The Statistics For Wrong Way Car Crashes?

There are roughly 350 people involved in wrong way Parkville car crash fatalities each year. There are hundreds to thousands more that are injured in collisions like these. This is a problem all across the United States, not just in Parkville. Researchers with the Texas Transportation Institute have been trying to figure out why there is an increasing trend of wrong way collisions, but there isn’t just one reason.

How To Identify The Most Common Reasons For Wrong Way Accidents

There are several situations that make wrong way car collisions more likely. Most of them can be prevented. According to The Texas Department Of Transportation, the most wrong way crashes happen in the early morning or late night hours near exit ramps or turns. The following list is among the top offenders.

  • People driving under the influence of alcohol

  • People under the influence of drugs that affect alertness and/or judgment. These drugs include both legal and illegal classifications.

  • Elderly drivers

  • Confused drivers. There can be a millions reasons for the confusion. However, sometimes it is related to a health condition or an inattentive driver.

  • Drivers with sleep deprivation.

  • Distractions from music, children, cell phones, other passengers, etc.

How Can You Prevent Wrong Way Parkville Car Crashes?

There are steps you can take to make sure you don’t cause one of these collisions.

  • First of all, do not talk on your cell phone or text while you are driving. These activities prevent you from focusing on your driving. If you need to text, make a call, or receive a call, pull over to take care of it. Only resume driving when you have finished your conversation.

  • The driver should not try to eat or drink when operating a vehicle. This is also a distracting activity.

  • Don’t try to finish makeup or brush hair while driving. Wait until you arrive at your destination if you are not able to get done prior to leaving.

  • Make sure to have a designated driver if you are going to consume alcohol.

  • Try to get plenty of rest.

  • Avoid playing music too loudly. Keep children occupied with books or toys if possible. If you need to reprimand your child or attend to them, pull over and take care of it before you continue driving.

Pros And Cons For Wrong Way Crash Prevention Suggestions

  • Many suggestions have been made to prevent these collisions. There are pros and cons to everything. For example, it has been suggested that spikes should be installed at all exit ramps. If the driver is going the wrong way it will deflate their tires and prevent them from entering. This is not a good solution because it can damage the tires of not only the wrong way driver, but also drivers going in the correct direction. It would also cause a stalled car in the way of people trying to use the exit ramps. That is better than the highway, but it still presents a problem for traffic flow.

  • Another idea for prevention is put in sensors on road ramps to alert law enforcement to a wrong way driver. The problem with this idea is that it doesn’t stop the driver from entering the wrong way. In addition, there wouldn’t be enough time for police to get to the scene before a problem occurred. Most people will stop and turn around once they realize what they are doing. However, by then the damage could already be done.

  • Some people have also suggested more “Wrong Way” or “Do Not Enter” signage. The signs can be placed at a lower level as well. A lot of drivers don’t look high enough to see the signs. If they were placed lower it could help. The negative about this approach is that people still may not be paying attention to signs. There is no way to make people do that.

The best prevention for Parkville wrong way car crashes is to drive responsibly and educate yourself. Download your FREE copy of our book “Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim” for more information about car accidents and claims. You can also contact our experienced Parkville personal injury lawyers today with any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you.

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