Motorcyclists face plenty of danger when they are out on the open road. Distracted and careless drivers, massive semis, and poor road conditions all pose threats to riders. Given these dangers, why would you increase your risk of serious injury or death by performing careless or risky actions yourself? Learn which common factors contribute to the most crashes caused by riders.

It’s a Jungle Out There

According to the most recent data from the Insurance Information Institute (III), 4,668 people died in motorcycle accidents 2013. First-Person View of a Motorcyclist on the RoadwayMotorcyclists were 26 times more likely than occupants of passenger cars to die in a crash and were five times more likely to be injured. With the odds stacked against motorcyclists, it is important that riders take every precaution to protect themselves. Analysis of crash data by the III found that the following rider-controlled factors were major contributors to crashes:

  • Alcohol. Obviously, no one should ever drive any type of vehicle when they are drunk, but the difficulty of operating a motorcycle coupled with the lack of rider protection makes it particularly dangerous to do while intoxicated. Crash data shows that 27 percent of riders killed in crashes in 2013 were intoxicated. Also, drunk riders are less likely to wear a helmet, possibly due to impaired judgement. While 66 percent of sober riders involved in a crash were wearing a helmet, only 46 percent of drunk riders were.
  • Speeding. Often, people ride motorcycles because they like the thrill of riding fast. However, speeding is a major contributor to crashes where the rider is at fault. In fact, 34 percent of riders killed in crashes in 2013 were speeding.
  • Licensing. Rider training is essential to rider safety. Of the riders involved in fatal crashes in 2013, 25 percent were driving without a valid license.
  • Type of motorcycle. Riders of super sport bikes have fatal crash rates that are four times that of riders of other types of motorcycles. Owners of super sport bikes also tend to be younger and less experienced than riders of touring or regular sport bikes.

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