We live in a constantly changing city, and construction delays are a necessary evil. You’ve rerouted your commute to avoid major construction areas, saving yourself the time and hassle of a backup. Hoping to miss any potential collisions with construction equipment.

But the truth is, you may be more likely to suffer a truck accident with a dump truck on I-70 than within city limits—and the highway speeds can easily make a sudden collision have devastating effects.

What Makes Traveling Next to a Dump Truck on I-635 So Dangerous?

  • Unqualified drivers – Dump trucks may be driven by construction employees, licensed truckers, or even day laborers tasked with removing a load—and there’s no way to gauge a driver’s qualifications when you’re traveling next to him.
  • Removed safety guards – Dump trucks are normally fitted with bumpers that reduce the truck’s ground clearance, giving it a lower center of gravity and preventing smaller vehicles from becoming lodged underneath them in an accident. However, companies may place these guards too high, or leave them off altogether, increasing the chances of a fatal crash.
  • Shifting loads – Dump trucks may haul any number of things, from dirt and mulch, to concrete and building debris. Unlike semi-trucks, dump trucks are not always fully contained. Their contents are rarely strapped down or evenly distributed.
  • Brake problems – The brakes required to stop a multi-ton dump truck are nothing like the systems on a smaller car. These brakes may easily overheat, lock up, or even fail, turning the heavy vehicle into an out-of-control ballistic missile.
  • Tire failure – Many drivers have been killed when one of a dump truck’s many tires blow or separate from the axle, causing the truck to swerve violently or roll over.
  • Driver error – Truckers may attempt to talk to a friend or play games on a cell phone to avoid boredom, or even pop a few pills to avoid oncoming fatigue.

Remember: dump trucks aren’t just a hazard on major highways, they can also cause serious injuries on normal roads. Dump trucks have struck many cars and even pedestrians while backing up to empty their loads, and this kind of collision is commonly fatal for the smaller victim. 

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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