More than 200 Million people are now on Facebook! In other articles on this site, we discuss the dangers of Facebook for our personal injury clients. Dangers lurk for attorneys using Facebook as well. If you are an attorney and have a Facebook account, here are 5 steps you should take to maintain privacy and security:

1. Use a strong password and change it regularly (also, don't give your password to anyone)

2. Manage your privacy settings (review and make changes to your default settings)

3. Use caution with Facebook applications (apps can result in private info being made public; installing apps can require giving out your username and password [see #1])

4. Adjust your settings to control what others are allowed to put on your page (i.e., your wall; photos tagged with your name)

5. Use "friend lists" (create lists of friends - family, coworkers, classmates - and adjust settings for each group)

Lawyers are Facebooking. Facebook has privacy and security concerns. Attorneys can anticipate ongoing development in the ethical rules applicable to lawyers using Facebook. Recently, Facebook made some significant privacy controls changes and it is wise to stay abreast of Facebook privacy and security developments.  Take these five steps and you will be ahead of the curve when it comes to appropriate privacy and security on Facebook.

For more detail about better security on Facebook, see St. Louis information technology lawyer Dennis Kennedy's article in the March 2010 issue of the ABA Journal.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.