The State and The County In Which The Case Must Be Filed And Tried


Generally, under Missouri and Kansas law personal injury suits must be filed in the state and county in which the accident happened or where the defendant resides. People are often surprised to find out how much impact the venue of the trial has on the amount of the jury award. For instance, it has been publicized that jury awards are generally more substantial in California and less substantial in the Pacific Northwest, all things equal. Also, jury verdicts in each state are impacted greatly by the county in which they are tried. In the metro Kansas City area, for example, it is believed that jury verdicts are generally lower Clay County, Missouri and Johnson County, KS and there is some support for this proposition. As a general rule, jury awards are higher in urban counties than rural counties. Overall, juries outside of the Kansas City metro area are more conservative when awarding damages than those within the Kansas City metro area.


Your Likeability


Your likeability is worth nothing unless you sustained injuries and damages and it can be proven that the defendant was responsible for causing those injuries and damages. If you have both of these are on your side, your likeability can be become quite relevant to the outcome of your case. If you are sincere and honest, your case is worth more. If you are unlikable and greedy, your case will suffer notwithstanding good liability and damages.


The Likeability of the Defendant


The likeability of the defendant is also an important factor when evaluating your claim. We will closely evaluate the impression he or she is likely to make upon a jury. For example, whether he is contrite or defensive about the accident can be a factor. If the defendant was a drunk driver and your attorney can prove this by proper admissible evidence, your case is likely to bring a higher verdict. Juries compensate likeable plaintiffs and punish defendants who are unlikable or engage in unlikable conduct.


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