A few months ago, you would have said that firefighters are heroes who deserve respect for the services they provide. But after you were injured in a collision with a fire truck, you know that these public servants may be brave, but they aren’t perfect—especially when it comes to handling a large vehicle at high speeds.Fire Truck Accident

4 Ways a Fire Truck Can Cause a Serious Car Accident

Fire trucks are heavy, cumbersome vehicles that can be hard to steer around smaller objects. If a fire engine causes a collision, the passengers in the smaller vehicle are much more likely to be injured than those protected in the truck, especially if the fire engine was:

  • Speeding. Fire trucks are often traveling above posted speed limits in order to save lives, but speeding both increases the risk of an accident and makes the injuries in an accident more severe. Fire trucks are also more likely to be driven on city streets than highways, placing a greater number of people (including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists) at risk of a crash.
  • Assuming right of way. A blaring horn and sirens will certainly encourage drivers to get out of a fire truck’s path, but many smaller cars have been struck when fire engines do not give them time to get out of the way. Fire engines should be given the right of way, but the driver of the engine cannot assume right of way—meaning he must wait for obstacles and vehicles to move before barreling forward.
  • Ignoring road rules. Drivers of fire trucks may need to drive faster than other vehicles, but this does not mean they can ignore other rules of the road. Fire engines are still required to stop at red lights and stop signs in order to avoid causing an accident while they are on their way to a fire scene.
  • Carrying unsecured equipment. Fire trucks carry a large crew, but also heavy hoses, long ladders, and other dangerous equipment. If equipment is not secured properly, objects may swing from their moorings and cause accidents in the truck’s wake, leading to severe injuries and property damage.

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