Like many drivers, you probably take more caution on highway trips than short jaunts into town. After all, an accident at 25 mph is less likely to be serious, so you’re not exactly afraid to take your motorcycle to the grocery store. However, many motorcycle riders can be seriously injured—or even killed—as a result of an accident in the middle of a busy Kansas City street.

Why Do Motorcycle Crashes Happen at Intersections?

There are many different reasons motorcycles are struck at intersections. Distracted drivers responding to a text message and drunken drivers on their way home are just two common examples of the phenomenon, but many other crashes happen as a result of:

  • Running a red light. Some of the most dangerous intersection crashes take place as a result of running a red light. Whether the driver is speeding to “beat the light” or simply continues through traffic without noticing the traffic signal, red light crashes cause nearly 170,000 injuries every year. While these injuries include passengers in other cars, the driver of the speeding car is usually seriously injured as well.
  • Creeping into traffic. One of the most frustrating traffic maneuvers is when a car that is impatiently for the light to change, lets his foot off the brake and slowly idles into the intersection. Drivers waiting for the light at Vivion Road and Oak Trafficway may easily cause motorcycle crashes as bikers obeying traffic laws strike the front end of the car in the intersection.
  • Left turns. Not only are left-turn crashes one of the most common types of intersection accidents, they are also more likely to involve motorcycles. This is because vehicles in the left-hand turn lane will often neglect to check for motorcycles crossing with the right-of-way. Turns that occur on a hill, on sharp curve, or during periods of low visibility, are common ways that motorcyclists have suffered fatal injuries.
  • Sudden stops. Motorcycles are less able to make sudden stops or swerve around obstacles safely. If you are traveling behind a car that slams on its brakes suddenly in an intersection, your bike may rear-end the vehicle or even flip over, sending you into the trunk of his car—or face-first onto the pavement.

In many intersection accident cases, insurance providers may attempt to place blame on the motorcyclist even when he is not at fault. Unfortunately, many judges and attorneys take a dim view of motorcycle riders in crash cases, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting compensation for your injuries. 

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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