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Four Vehicle Maintenance Issues that Can Lead to Serious Accidents in Kansas City

With many Americans feeling the tough economic times and struggling to get by, people can be forced to make hard decisions. If you are trying to decided whether or not to pay for car repairs, make sure you know which ones can be put off, and which ones could lead to a serious accident in Kansas City.

Here are four vehicle maintenance issues that could lead to a serious car crash

  1. Worn Tires. Are your tires safe? If you have low tread on your tires, your car is much more likely to lose traction or hydroplane, which can quickly turn into a traffic accident. Before driving, make sure that your tires are inflated accodring to the manufacturers specifications, and also make sure to check the tire tread. If the tread is uneven or worn, it is time to get your tires changed.
  2. Worn Brakes. Brakes are one of the most important safety features on a vehicle. When you have your oil changed, make sure to ask your mechanic to check your brakes and your brake fluid. If the fluid is low or leaking or your breaks are worn, you need to have it taken care of. Worn brakes and missing fluid can affect your ability to stop and greatly increase your braking distance.
  3. Low or leaking fluids. Low fluids can cause a variety of problems from loss of steering power or loss of control of your vehicle. If power steering fluid, oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid leaks onto your engine, exhaust, or another hot part of your car, the fluids could ignite and start an automotive fire.  It is essential that you check fluid levels and top them off as necessary while making sure there are no fluid leaks
  4. Worn-out suspension and misaligned wheels. If your wheels are out of alignment or your suspension is worn, it will make it very difficult to control your vehicle. It may not be obvious during regular driving, but if you need to steer or brake suddenly to avoid a collision, you might be unable to steer out of the way of an accident. Also, if your wheels are out of alignemnt or your suspension is worn, it will cause your tires to wear unevenly. As you know from our first tip, worn tires can be hazardous.

If you were involved in a car crash and were injured because of someone's negligence find out more about your legal rights and potential recovery. You may be able to recover damages if someone else’s negligence caused your accident injuries. Your compensation may include money for past, current and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, pain, suffering and other damages.

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