After a Harrisonville car accident, you are likely to be contacted by either your insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver.  Be careful; there are common tactics that many insurance companies use to discredit your claim and minimize the amount they must pay you after a car accident.  The Harrisonville, MO auto accident lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys have compiled these tips that can help you protect your claim both before and after an auto accident.

1. Make Sure That You Understand Your Insurance Policy
Read the entire policy, including the fine print.  If you have any questions, ask your insurance agent.  Many people lose out on insurance benefits because they don’t understand the filing requirements and deadlines that are in their insurance policies.  For example, you may have a time limit for letting the company know of an accident or for filing your claim.  If you don’t file your claim on time, you may lose your coverage.
2. Always notify your insurance company within 24 hours of any type of accident. 

3.  Don’t Give A Recorded Statement Right After an Accident

It is very common for an insurance company adjustor to call a victim within days of a Missouri car accident.  At this point, you have no idea what the extent of the damage really is.  In fact, if you are taking pain relievers, you may not even know the extent of your pain.  The insurance company will ask to take a recorded statement.  They may ask leading questions that will minimize your injury.  These statements can be used in court.  Refuse any recorded statements and don’t give information about your injuries or the damage to your car. Either refer the insurance adjustor to your lawyer or ask to call back another time.  
4. Don’t Sign Any Paperwork Until It Has Been Reviewed By A Harrisonville, MO Auto Accident Lawyer
The insurance company may also ask you to sign documents. Although they may say these are verifications of the accident, it is important to have the language reviewed by an auto accident lawyer.  You don’t want to give up your right to sue the negligent driver for your accident-related injuries.
Ask to review all paperwork, even release forms, with your attorney before signing it. 
5. Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer Before Accepting a Settlement Offer. 
If you have been offered a Missouri car accident settlement, schedule a free consultation with a Harrisonville, MO Auto  Accident Lawyer.  The lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and make sure all your losses are covered.  No matter how generous an offer seems, the claims adjuster works for the insurance company, and has the company’s best interest in mind - not yours.
6. Be Aware of Deny and Delay Tactics by Insurance Companies
It is not unusual for insurance companies to stall or delay paperwork and phone calls in the hope that you will miss your filing deadlines.  If this happens, consult your car accident lawyer.

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