Driving in Parkville bad weather always increases the possibility of weather-related Parkville car accidents. There are several reasons that the chances can increase significantly. Do you know how much precipitation can make driving conditions unsafe?

Bad Visibility

Visibility is reduced with several types of hazardous weather. Snow, rain, freezing rain, and sleet are all dangerous for drivers. Snow and sleet can mix with dirt from the road and splash up on to the windshield. Also, salt used to clear the roads can make your windows and windshields dirty. Sometimes the window-washing fluid has trouble keeping up with the demands in weather like that. Rain can be heavy which reduces visibility. Fog is also problematic because no one can see through that, and your headlights won’t be visible to others.

  • One thing that will help with safety during bad weather is to make sure your car doesn’t run low on the window-washing fluid. It may not be perfect all the time, but it is one of your best defenses against diminished windshield visibility.

  •  Be prepared to stop your vehicle and pull over if the weather is so bad that you cannot see. Don’t keep driving anyway.

  • Leave yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination so that you don’t have to rush.

Other Drivers Can Be Unsafe

In hazardous weather, other drivers can also make traveling unsafe. There are a couple types of drivers that are especially bad. Try to make sure that you don’t fall into one of these categories.

  • The Scared Driver – We have all seen drivers like this in bad weather. This person will be driving excessively slow to the point where it isn’t reasonable. They are over-concerned about the conditions and take it to a higher level than necessary. This creates traffic flow problems that will likely back up traffic. Since everyone these days are usually too busy, this makes other drivers anxious about being late. When they become impatient they are more likely to become reckless in an attempt to try to hurry. They may pass on the side of the road to get around others. Snow is often pushed off to the side of the road so this person will be more likely to slide or get stuck. This could cause an accident. The scared driver goes so slow that it makes others have a hard time getting enough speed to get on the freeway or to start up an incline. Then the person behind the scared driver can get stuck because they don’t have enough speed to make it up the incline. If that happens then traffic will become even more backed up.

  • The Careless Driver – This type of driver completely ignores all bad weather warnings and drives like there is nothing wrong. They may be happy that the weather has forced others to stay home and use this as an opportunity to try to get somewhere faster than normal. They often will drive at normal speed or even more than that. It does not matter to them if there is reduced visibility from ice, rain, or snow, they think it will not affect their safety. This often happens with trucks and other 4 wheel drive vehicles. The drivers mistakenly assume that they can’t slide or won’t get stuck, and they assume that others will just get out of their way. This type of person is also very dangerous in bad weather.

Reduced Traction On The Road

Keep in mind that bad weather affects road conditions more than may be readily apparent at first glance. There is such a thing as “black ice” that looks like the road is clear but is actually covered in a sheet of ice. This is very dangerous for everyone. In bad weather it is much easier to slide or hydroplane off the road. All drivers should slow down to a reasonable speed to accommodate road conditions. There could also be a problem with the road that snow covers, such as a stretch of road with ice, or a large pothole. Hitting one of those things too fast can cause a Parkville car accident.

Strong Winds

Wind can be a problem in bad weather. Large gusts of wind can make a car swerve into another lane, or slide off the road. It can blow snow tremendously and reduce visibility even further. This can make it difficult to see road problems and other drivers.

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