How a Closed Door Can Save the Lives of Lee’s Summit Families

Many years ago public knowledge was quite limited as to the best methods for keeping families safe.  From the days when small children were carried on their parent’s laps in the car to homes and furniture painted with lead based paints, we have come quite far in the quest to protect families from danger.  Fire safety is no exception.

The first line of defense for Lee’s Summit families against fire should be a working smoke alarm.  Check batteries often.  Install smoke alarms on each floor of the house, and near the sleeping areas.  Get your copy of our free Burn Injury Survivor’s Guide for helpful information about burn safety and life after a burn injury.  If you or someone you love have suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of another person, contact our burn injury attorneys at 888=348-1616 for information about a free initial consultation.

Lessons Learned from Populated Cities Like New York Shed Light on How to Prevent Fire Deaths Here at Home

We now understand the value of smoke alarms in strategic areas of our homes.  We also understand that many fire related deaths are the result of smoke inhalation, not just death from burns.  At one time, death in large cities like New York was a daily tragedy.  But with changes in building codes as well as in construction design and materials, death by fire is not the threat it once was.  In 2012 47 people in New York were killed in structure fires.  That’s a far cry from the past.

By and large the greatest danger is the smoke a fire produces and in many cases, a closed door can be the difference between life and death.  For in single dwelling homes families, the first thing they should do is try to get out the second the smoke alarm sounds.  But in cases where the family dwells in an apartment building closing the door can help buy precious time.  In some cases, closing the door before opening an external window helps slow the spread of the fire.  Placing a wet towel at the bottom of the door can help keep smoke out.

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