Never before have your marriage vows had so much significance. When you remember the joy, excitement, and fun of your wedding day, you may barely remember uttering the words, “in sickness or in health,” “for better or for worse,” or some variant on that theme. Yet, you are a committed spouse, and your years of marriage have taught you that what affects your spouse also affects you. This may be true now more than ever.

What Happens to Your Marriage when Your Spouse Suffers a Brain Injury

Your marriage is unique, and our Kansas City accident lawyer would never be so presumptuous as to tell you what will definitely happen in your own marital relationship. However, we encourage you to think about:

  • How your daily life has changed. Are you now more a caregiver than a partner?
  • Whether you are able to work.
  • How you will be able to support your family if your spouse can’t work.
  • Whether your intimate physical and emotional relationship with your spouse has changed.

All of this matters. Of course, the extent to which any or all of these changes may apply depends on the relationship you had with your spouse prior to the accident and the severity of your spouse’s traumatic brain injury.

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