It is something you may do multiple times a day. Often, you do it in a rush. You may be trying to get to work, to a medical appointment, or to pick up your child, for example. You don’t think twice about it until tragedy strikes. Then you know that backing out of the driveway too quickly was a mistake—potentially a fatal mistake. 

Use Caution to Prevent Driveway Accidents 

While you can put your car in reverse, there is no way to reverse time. You can’t undo an accident once it occurs. Thus, you need to exercise extreme caution when backing out of your driveway in order to avoid hitting a pedestrian, another vehicle, or even your own child. 

You may be able to prevent a catastrophic or fatal car accident by: 

  • Backing out of your driveway slowly every single time you leave home. That way if you hit someone the injuries may not be as severe.
  • Looking over your shoulder as you back up. This may provide you with a larger visual field than using your mirrors.
  • Using new technology to prevent accidents. For example, some newer car models have detectors that beep when you are too close to something.
  • Backing into your own driveway so that you do not have to back out into traffic when you leave home again. 

Of course, it is also important to always pay close attention to what is happening around you. 

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