The only way to determine liability for a chain-reaction accident is to make sure that a thorough investigation is done into the cause of the crash. Liability can be more complicated to determine when there are multiple cars involved in a crash, but it is essential to accurately determine the liability in order to protect your recovery.

Who Could Be at Fault for Your Chain-reaction Accident Injuries?

Some of the possible drivers who could be at fault for a chain-reaction accident include:

  • The driver at the end of a collision. The driver at the end of the collision may be at fault if he rear-ends a vehicle in front and causes that vehicle to crash into another vehicle.
  • The driver at the beginning of a collision. The front car could be at fault if she makes an illegal driving maneuver or is otherwise negligent.
  • A driver in the middle of the collision. A driver in the middle could hit the car in front of him and that crash could cause a driver in the rear to collide with the middle car.

Of course, these are just examples of how chain-reaction accidents may occur. Liability may not be limited to one driver, so more than driver may share the legal responsibility for the injuries you sustained in the wreck.

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