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Enough Is Enough: When to Stop Negotiating Directly With an Insurance Company After a North Kansas City Car Accident Brain Injury

Maybe your friend or loved one has tried being nice and has done what he can to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company. However, the insurance company does not seem to be doing its part. Instead of reaching a fair settlement and closing this matter, the insurance adjuster is fighting him every step of the way. Is it time to stop negotiating? What is he going to do now?

3 Signs it May Be Time to Stop Talking Settlement

Sometimes a fair settlement can be difficult if:

  • The other party is unwilling to negotiate – If the insurance adjuster, for example, is unwilling to budge from a certain number then achieving a fair settlement can be difficult.
  • The other party is acting in bad faith – Are they purposely trying to trick the victim or using unethical methods to try to get him to accept a lower settlement? This could be a sign that it is time to stop negotiating.
  • The victim and his lawyer are having trouble communicating with the insurer – If the other party is unresponsive or unwilling to communicate in a timely manner than a settlement can be difficult.

It can be hard to know whether settlement talks have truly broken down or whether they need to be tweaked and/or reframed.

How to Know for Sure

An experienced North Kansas City car accident brain injury lawyer can help a brain injury victim know for sure whether to continue pushing toward a settlement or whether litigation is a better option for securing a fair recovery.

If you know someone who has suffered a brain injury in a North Kansas City car crash and who is having trouble negotiating a fair settlement with an insurance company then please help your friend. You can share this article with that person and encourage him or her to read our FREE Brain Injury Survivor’s Guide to learn more about protecting his or her rights and recovery.


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