You didn’t mean to make mistakes. The last thing that you wanted to do was to make things harder for yourself or to jeopardize your fair recovery from an I-49 car accident in any way. However, the time following a car accident injury can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to do everything right and to consider all of the possible ramifications of your decisions.

Three Common Mistakes That May Be Fixed

As you struggled through the chaos in the days and weeks following your I-49 car accident, you may have:

Delayed going to the doctor.

You may not have gone to the doctor immediately from the accident scene or at all on the day of your crash. Perhaps you believed that you were not seriously injured, or maybe you have a significant fear of doctors. Whatever the case, a doctor’s visit will be important for your physical recovery and to establish causation between the accident and your injuries. It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already.

Apologized for the crash.

Maybe you were sorry the crash happened and said so at the accident scene. An apology may lead someone else to believe you were liable for the accident. However, a full investigation should be done to determine what really happened.

Given a recorded statement to an insurance company.

Whatever you said may be used against you later, but you may not have said anything bad or you may not have said anything that further evidence can’t correct.

You may have also said something or done something else that you look back on with regret.

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