If you have been injured in a car accident, your first concern should be to get the proper treatment for your injury. However, if you feel you are able or have a friend who can help you out, it is a good idea to try to preserve the evidence of the accident. Any evidence that shows how the accident occurred as well as the outcome of the crash will help prove your claim to an insurance company. This will increase your chances of getting full compensation for your injuries and other losses.

While the first few days immediately following a car accident are the most important to your recovery, they are also the best time to find and preserve evidence of the crash.

How Do You Preserve Evidence of a Traffic Accident Here Are 5 Tips? 

  • Return to the scene of the accident
Go back to the scene of the car wreck at the same time of day that the accident occurred. Look for any evidence of the crash, including skid marks or damage to railings. Photograph the scene from different angles, especially your view before, during and after the crash. Photograph any conditions that you believe may have caused or contributed to that Missouri car accident, such as missing or bent signs, potholes, road debris, low hanging trees, or broken traffic lights. Question anyone who lives or works nearby to see if they witnessed the accident.
  • Protect physical evidence
Physical evidence refers to anything that you can see or touch that might help prove what happened or the extent of your injury. Damage to your car is important physical evidence. Before arranging to have your car repaired, take a picture of all damage inside and out - including any blood or other evidence of injury. If you cannot do this, ask a friend or your lawyer for assistance.

Save your clothing from the accident. Don't wash it - just seal it in a plastic bag. If your cell phone or another possession was damaged, save that as well. If it can't be saved, take pictures.

  • Locate witnesses
Witnesses can help confirm what you believe happened at the accident scene. They may also provide new evidence. Witness reports are invaluable for proving your claim to the insurance company. It is important that witnesses be contacted before their memory of the accident begins to fade.
  • Document your injuries
The best way to preserve evidence of your injuries is to be seen by a doctor so that he can create a medical record of your injuries. Make sure that you mention all pain and injury to your doctor, not just the serious injuries. You can also photograph any visible cuts, bruises, or swelling, and any casts, splints, bandages, or evidence of your injury and its treatment. Read more about documenting your injuries in our article, "How Do I Document My Injuries After a Car Crash?"
  • Record your expenses
Keep a log of any expenses or loss of income due to the accident. Include medical bills, prescriptions, and property you must replace.

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