Neither parents nor teenagers want to start thinking about the end of summer. But with Labor Day around the corner, those perfect weekends at Longview Lake, and your kid’s lazy days kicking around the house are coming to a close fast—but at least you all have one last summer barbecue to look forward to.

Unfortunately, for many Kansas City families, the last weekend at the lake turns into the last weekend on earth—all because of a preventable car accident.

How to Prevent Car Accident Deaths This Labor Day Weekend

Our attorneys have seen countless accidents over the years, many of which have taken place at the close of summer. Many serious injuries and fatal crashes on I-435 could easily have been prevented with a little bit of planning and attention, and those that could not have been prevented could have been much less severe.

Remember these three things to keep you and your family safe this Labor Day weekend:

Drink Water 

It’s easy to forget about hydration when you’re sitting under a beach umbrella or taking your turn on the waterski. However, dehydration is a common cause of poor driver response times and falling asleep behind the wheel, making it more likely that you’ll suffer a car accident on the drive home.

Buckle Up

Even if there is no way to avoid an accident with another vehicle, you can greatly reduce the effects of the impact simply by making sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up. Seat belts have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of drivers, and are the primary reason that drivers and passengers have survived potentially fatal crashes. In fact, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 100 lives could be saved this holiday weekend alone, if everyone riding in vehicles wore safety belts.

Stock The Cooler 

A day at the beach is an open invitation to a picnic, but make sure you stock your snacks wisely. If you bring a few beers, make sure you also pack sodas and juice so that you will be fully sober to drive home. Pack sandwiches with enough protein to keep you alert, and an iced tea or coffee to fight fatigue on the drive home.

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