Parkville bounce house injuries are on the rise. There were over 62,000 national child injuries that required emergency room visits due to bounce houses between 1995 and 2010. That number has been increasing because of popularity of bounce houses. Parkville is following this trend as well. On any given day, there is about 1 Parkville child injury every 45 minutes on average. The most common injuries in bounce houses are broken bones, concussions, strains, bumps, bruises, and sprains. Sometimes bounce houses can suffocate a child. Therefore it is extremely important to have adult supervision.

What Is A Bounce House?

A bounce house is an inflatable structure that kids can jump in. They are also referred to as moonwalks. They are typically found at public events, carnivals, and birthday parties for child entertainment. As fun and popular as these are, they can be dangerous. Do you know what to watch for and how to prevent any mishaps?

You Need To Know Basic Bounce House Safety Tips

There are things you should know to keep kids safe in a bounce house.

  • There should be adult supervision at all times

  • Children under 6 should be kept off the equipment

  • If possible only allow one kid at a time inside the moonwalk

  • If multiple kids must be on it at the same time, make sure they are similar height, weight, and ages.

  • Make sure everyone removes watches, jewelry, shoes, and any sharp objects before getting in the bounce house

  • If the inflatable structure starts to deflate, get everyone out and discontinue use.

  • Watch for any rough playing or children near the walls or exits. Be prepared to take immediate action if this occurs.

  • Make sure the manufacturer’s directions are followed properly.

  • Make sure the structure is properly installed.

  • Adults should stay outside the structure. They are much larger and can seriously injure the child if they fall on top of one of them. It is best that the adult stay near the entrance to watch for signs of troublesome situations. They should be ready to act if concerned.

How To Know If Your Parkville Bounce House Is Properly Setup Outside

  • The moonwalk should be setup on a flat surface. Make sure there isn’t any sharp objects underneath that could puncture the inflatable structure. Examples of sharp objects include rocks, sticks, metal, or even garden sprinklers.

  • Keep pets away at all times. Their claws could accidentally puncture the equipment.

  • Make sure there aren’t any power lines nearby and that there is plenty of room on all sides.

  • Check for nearby tree branches. If there are any, move the apparatus to another location.

  • It’s a good idea to put a soft mat or other soft object near the entrance in case a child topples out the door of the bounce house.

Is Your Parkville Bounce House Setup Correctly Indoors?

  • There should be at least a few feet between the bounce house and the ceiling. Many ceilings have a bumpy texture and could puncture the equipment. Also just friction between the bounce house and the ceiling can cause it to break.

  • Just like for outdoor setup, the bounce house should have plenty of room surrounding it on all sides. If there isn’t, consider moving it outdoors.

  • Put a soft thing like a soft mat outside the entrance especially if it is setup on hard floors such as wood or linoleum.

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