Money is likely not the first thing on your mind after a Lee’s Summit motorcycle accident. You may feel anger, fear and/or pain before you think about the financial implications of the crash. However, after the accident scene has been cleared and you have gotten the immediate medical care that you need then your thoughts may start to turn to the longer term effects of your motorcycle crash injuries.

You Can Stay in Control of Your Financial Recovery

You shouldn’t have to suffer financially for the negligent actions of another driver. The money that you’ve worked so hard to earn shouldn’t be jeopardized, your dreams shouldn’t be sacrificed, and your monthly bill paying should not become more stressful.

Instead, you should take actions to protect your possible financial recovery after a Lee’s Summit motorcycle crash injury. Specifically, you can:

  • Think about all of your costs – What is this accident really costing you? It’s probably more than your hospital bills.
  • Keep your receipts – This includes copies of your medical and hospital bills, bike repair, and proof of the pay that you are unable to earn if you are out of work.
  • Be careful who you trust – Insurance adjusters are not on your side. They could use what you tell them to try to decrease your recovery.
  • Understand your rights – You can’t fight for a recovery if you don’t know what your own unique fair recovery should be.
  • Let a professional advocate on your behalf – Then you can be sure that all of your rights, and your full recovery, are being protected.

This list is not all inclusive. There are also other tips that your lawyer can share with you.

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