Construction workers have important and often hazardous jobs. Without cement workers, we wouldn’t have sidewalks and foundations. Without heavy machinery workers, we wouldn’t have high rises. Without electricians, we wouldn’t have comfortable homes and offices. Yet these construction workers perform these jobs at great personal risk of burns from chemicals, from steam, from electricity, and from hot equipment, and they deserve to be compensated for their injuries when they are hurt at work.

3 Types of Kansas City Construction Worker Burns

Kansas City construction workers should be aware of the following risks:

  • Chemical burns. Acids, solvents, and other chemicals used in cement and other construction materials can result in significant burns to the skin or eyes.
  • Steam or heat burns. Hot machinery and pipes, for example, can release steam or get to scalding temperatures that result in burn injuries.
  • Electrical burns. With overhead wires, and wires being installed, electrical burns can happen suddenly and result in catastrophic injuries.

Treatment for burns can be painful and long, depending on the severity of the injury. It is always advisable to get a prompt medical evaluation so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Injured In A Kansas City Area Construction Accident?

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