It reportedly takes about one minute and ten dollars to put a second chain on a trailer to attach it to the vehicle that is pulling it. That is one minute and ten dollars that could save lives. It is one minute and ten dollars that is often forgotten.

What Happens When a Trailer Becomes Unhitched on I-70

Think about what could happen if a car was pulling a trailer on I-70 and the trailer became unhitched. There would be no one driving the trailer, no one steering the trailer, and no one able to stop, or even slow down, the trailer. If you were in a car, truck or motorcycle near the trailer then it could be impossible for you to get out of the way safely. You could be hit, full force, by this moving trailer—you, or someone you love, could be permanently injured or killed.

This Is a Real and Potentially Deadly Problem

The problem that we describe above is not theoretical. It is estimated that unhitched trailers have killed hundreds of people over the past few years and have hurt many others. They have devastated families, and, yet, the accidents are generally preventable. Trailers that are appropriately attached to vehicles with proper equipment that is in good working order generally do not unhitch.

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