For as long as you can remember you have known that drunk driving can be dangerous, but you have been lucky enough to avoid first-hand experience with that danger – until now. As you sit on the side of I-70, shaken and nervous, you hate to believe that your suspicion might be true and that a drunk driver may have just involved you in an accident. What should you do at the scene of a possible drunk driving accident?

What You Do at the Accident Scene is Important 

If you are physically able to take action and you have time to think at the scene of your I-70 accident then it is important to:

  • Call 911. You need first responders at the scene.
  • If your vehicle is in a safe place, stay in your vehicle until emergency responders get to the accident scene. You do not know if it is safe to be around the other driver. Thus, it may be wise to keep your distance from the other driver until the police arrive at the scene. That said, if your car is in the middle of the road and it is unsafe to remain in your car, then you should move to a safe place.
  • Take picture or notes of what happened and why you suspect drinking to be a factor in the crash. You are in the middle of a very stressful situation. You may think you will remember everything later, but it can be difficult to do so. Pictures or notes of what you witnessed may help you recall the facts.

Of course, you may be significantly injured or shaken up and not able to do these things at the accident scene. That is okay and should not prevent you from contacting an I-70 injury lawyer for help.

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