client_and_lawyerIf a negligent driver caused your motorcycle accident, you could suffer more catastrophic injuries than as a passenger in a vehicle crash. This is primarily because a motorcyclist lacks structure protection—a helmet and specialized riding gear isn't always enough.

Due to the potential severity of your injuries, you could be off work for months or longer, or become permanently disabled.

If you hope to hold the motorist responsible for providing compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, you need the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

Why an Attorney Should Negotiate Your Motorcycle Wreck Settlement

You may be tempted to save the cost of hiring an attorney and negotiate a settlement on your own. However, unless you have only truly minor injuries, such as stiches or sprained wrist, that heal quickly, this approach might pose a serious disadvantage.

Here are reasons why retaining an attorney is essential:

  • Investigate your accident. An experienced attorney understands the importance of conducting a thorough investigation of your accident. This can include visiting the accident scene; reviewing the police report; obtaining pictures and video of the wreck; interviewing the police officer and witnesses; and obtaining business surveillance tapes that may have recorded the accident. He used the collected evidence to build a claim of negligence against the driver who hit you.
  • Collect documentation of your damages. Your attorney also obtains copies of your medical file, medical bills, paystubs, and other documents to prove the amount of rightful compensation to which you're entitled.
  • Establish claim worth. Your attorney can value your claim based on the severity of your injuries, medical and wage loss expenses, and long-term prognosis. While you may estimate some of these figures, it's harder to accurately value future medical and wage loss damages or the amount of pain and suffering compensation without the help of an attorney.
  • Hire experts. Depending on the disputes in your case, you may need to retain expert witnesses to help you prove your right to compensation. For example, an accident reconstruction expert can create a reenactment of your motorcycle crash to prove the other driver’s negligence. Your attorney has a network of qualified experts that make persuasive witnesses in your case who he can retain if necessary.
  • Guide you through the process. Filing a claim for compensation can be complicated. Your attorney's legal team can explain the process so you know what to expect. In addition, you'll receive advice along the way to avoid mistakes, such as agreeing to give a recorded statement, which may hurt your case.
  • Negotiate your settlement. Your attorney's negotiating skills go a long way to receiving a just settlement from the insurance company. However, if the insurance adjuster won't be reasonable, the attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

How Do You Find an Experienced Motorcycle Attorney?

When retaining legal counsel, you don't want someone who only handles car wrecks or truck accident cases. You need a lawyer whose practice includes representing motorcycle accident victims and understands the unique issues in these claims. In addition, he or she should have a track record of success in both settling and trying these cases.

Here are some ways to find the attorney right for you:

  • Obtain referrals from co-workers, friends, family, or another lawyer.
  • Obtain references from your state or local bar association.
  • Search online and review attorney websites for helpful articles on motorcycle accident cases, testimonials, and case results.
  • Interview two or three top choices to obtain advice on your case and decide which lawyer is the most qualified, a good communicator, and trustworthy.

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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