Having your child abused by a trusted daycare worker is a parent’s worst nightmare. Since parents need to work, we depend on and trust day care centers to provide quality are for our children when we can’t be there. There are many fine daycare providers, but unfortunately, many children do get abused while in daycare. Because many abused children can’t speak, or are scared to, they become silent victims. It is important that all parents recognize the signs that can indicate a problem and potential abuse.
Sudden behavior changes can indicate abuse. 
Separation anxiety - It is not unusual for children to feel anxious when they are separated from their parents. However, a sudden change in behavior such as inconsolable crying or tantrums as you reach the daycare center may be a cause for concern.
Loss of appetite or over eating
Nightmares, sleeplessness, new fears, or bedwetting
Unusual clinginess
Intense dislike of the caregiver
Signs of improper care, emotional abuse or neglect
Child is unusually listless, uninterested or detached from his surroundings
Developmental delays
Child is very demanding of parent’s attention and affection
Changes in sleep behavior
Diaper rash 
Vomiting or anemia
Stained or dirty clothing
Sudden weight loss
Unexplained headaches or stomach aches
Signs of physical abuse
Unexplained injuries - There should always be a written report for any injury. When a child is hurt in daycare, it is the childcare provider’s responsibility to let the parent know how and when the accident occurred. Frequent accidents may also indicate a problem.
Injuries coupled with behavioral changes
Signs of sexual abuse
Torn or stained clothing
Abnormal or stiff walk
Difficulty sitting
Odd vaginal smell or discharge
Pain when using the bathroom
Toilet accidents
Urinary tract infections
Bed wetting
Pelvic or groin pain
Trouble swallowing
Sudden or unusual knowledge of sex
Change in vocabulary
Demanding to wear extra clothing
Any of these signs may indicate a problem.  If you suspect abuse, do not return your child to the daycare – even if you are uncertain. Take your child to a hospital or call your pediatrician immediately to schedule a physical exam. You may want to contact a personal injury lawyer experienced in child abuse cases.

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