Nobody likes a long commute. At best, you have an hour of travel time in the car—at worst, you’re bumper-to-bumper for miles, wondering if you should have just slept in your car in the employee parking lot. After all, you’ve got to get up and do it all again tomorrow. The thought of wasting another two hours on the Kansas Turnpike is enough to make you sick.

Although it may seem mundane, the hours commuters spend on the Turnpike are some of the riskiest of their lives—and the risks only increase the closer they come to Kansas City.

Why Do So Many Accidents Take Place Along the Kansas Turnpike?

Median problems

The Kansas Turnpike was built before the Interstate Highway System was created, so some parts of the highway do not meet federal regulations. For example, the Kansas Turnpike has a much smaller median than regulation roadways—meaning less space dividing the two lanes of traffic and increasing the likelihood of head-on collisions. Although the Turnpike’s median is now lined with permanent Jersey barriers, these will not always be enough to prevent heavy trucks from crossing into opposing lanes.

Speeding problems 

Although the legal speed limit is set at 75 mph, many drivers and truckers ignore the posted signs in order to meet deadlines or get to work more quickly.

Multiple highways

The western end of the Turnpike leads into a massive junction with several other busy highways, including US-24, US-40, I-70, I-435, and the18th Street Expressway. Not only does this create the perfect condition for rear-end accidents, it also blends nearly every kind of driver, from semi-truck drivers, to commuters and motorcyclists—increasing the odds of a collision as drivers attempt to “get over” into the correct lanes.

Lead-in to I-70

Regular commuters know how badly parts of I-70 are in disrepair. Add multiple exit lanes and cloverleaf interchanges and this route can easily cause accidents just as drivers are exiting the final toll plaza.

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