Is Your Loved One Still in a Coma After a Motorcycle Crash?

You’ve been visiting your loved one regularly, hoping for some sign that he will get better, that his condition has changed since you last saw him. But there doesn’t seem to be anything different about him today than when they brought him to the hospital. He is still unconscious after his motorcycle crash. Everyone tells you to be patient, but you feel so helpless—isn’t there something you should be doing?

Families May Pursue a Motorcycle Crash Case on a Coma Victim’s Behalf

Most surviving family members wait until their loved one awakes to pursue a case against the at-fault driver. However, this runs the risk or letting the statute of limitations on the case expire—as well as putting a significant drain on the family’s finances. Families may have no choice but to seek payment for increasing medical costs while their loved is in a coma, unable to communicate, or trapped in a state of altered consciousness.

Families may seek a lawsuit on behalf of a victim who is suffering from:

  • Coma – A victim may be considered comatose if he is unconscious and completely unaware of his surroundings. In most cases, a coma will last only a few days in order for the brain to repair itself, but some victims will remain in this state for months or years.
  • Vegetative state – Unlike coma victims, people who are in a vegetative state may appear to be conscious, but are still unaware of what is happening around him. Their eyes may be open but unfocused, and they may respond to light or touch. They are still not able to communicate or care for themselves, and typically require ongoing hospital observation.
  • Locked-in syndrome – This term refers to a condition where the victim is conscious and aware of his condition, but is unable to move any part of his body. Victims may be able to communicate by clinking or with eye movements, but cannot speak.

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