Join as friday 7/18 for live music, prizes and more! Learn to SEE motorcycles and raise money for a great cause.

I SEE CYCLES is a new motorcycle awareness campaign being launched this Friday (7/18) on:


Southwest Trafficway & 31st Street

Motorcyclists Are Encouraged To Attend. Get Your Bike On TV!

The KC Biker Band will be playing on the front lawn of Fox from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., come enjoy live music and prizes, and show your support for this exciting new program.

So, What Makes It Exciting?

I SEE CYCLES is a motorcycle awareness campaign that challenges motorists to improve their motorcycle-spotting ability. Bumper stickers and yard signs are just a start, not a solution. At, motorists can actually Learn to See Cycles through a variety of tactics that keep motorcycles at the forefront of the mind of the motorist.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Motorcycle Awareness:

  • Statistics Don’t Lie. More than half of all motorcycle fatalities involve crashes with other vehicles. Also, 42% of those crashes involve a vehicle that is turning left, crossing the right-of-way of a motorcyclist. That kind of information is actionable by the motorist and motorcyclist alike. When turning left or moving left into another lane, ALWAYS expects a motorcycle to be there. You just might save a life.
  • Make it a game. Challenge yourself to count as many motorcycles on your commute as you can. Include the ones you see parked. Soon, you’ll realize that motorcycles are nearly everywhere you look. And you'll condition yourself to look for them.
  • Take it up a notch. Do you know how to identify which type of motorcycle you are now seeing? Is it a cruiser, a chopper, a bopper, an enduro, or what? You’ll soon be able to identify motorcycles by type and begin to appreciate their different capabilities and purposes. Our hope is that by understanding the different types of motorcycles that there are, you’ll avoid crashing into all of them!

As you can see, the I SEE CYCLES campaign emphasizes the opportunity for motorists to provide a safer environment for motorcyclists. All the motorcycle safety training in the world isn’t going to protect a motorcyclist from drivers who simply do a poor job seeing motorcyclists. This program addresses that.

Proceeds Will Benefit Roswold Foundation For Injured Children

As an added benefit, the campaign also raises money for the Roswold Foundation for Injured Children, a charity founded by James Roswold, motorcycle rider/enthusiast and member of the KC Biker Band.