It is that time of year again. Our roads need to be fixed from the effects of the harsh winter and regular road maintenance that was put off during the cold weather months needs to be performed. Accordingly, work zones are starting to appear more regularly on I-70 and our other roads and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the spring, summer and fall.

Risks of Driving in a Work Zone

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2014 seeks to raise awareness among motorists about the dangers of driving in a highway construction zone. The dangers exist not only for highway workers, but also for motorists. Some of the things that can lead to accidents in I-70 work zones include:

  • Lane changes
  • Narrow roads
  • Debris or obstacles
  • Sudden changes in speed limit
  • The need to stop quickly if a worker or piece of equipment enters the travel lanes

These factors can lead to serious motor vehicle crashes that can result in significant personal injuries for Kansas City area motorists.

What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Work Zone

Observance of a National Work Zone Awareness Week will not eliminate the risks inherent in highway work zones. If you have been hurt in a work zone crash on I-70 or any other Kansas or Missouri road then it is important to know your rights. You may be able to recover fair damages for your accident injuries if you advocate for your own recovery or contact an I-70 accident lawyer to represent you.

Have You Been Injured In A Kansas City Area Car Accident?

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