If you have a loved one in a skilled nursing facility in Missouri or Kansas, you have to trust that the administrators and staff have the best interest of your loved one at heart.  What can you do if you suspect that there might be abuse or neglect, but you do not know for sure?  Besides visiting the nursing home often and watching closely for the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, there are some steps Kansas City families can take to protect your loved one.

1. Take notes and record everything you notice that seems to be out of place.  Write down the details of conversations with members of the nursing home staff, doctors, and anyone else who may have witnessed the treatment of your loved one.  These notes may help prove a case later on.

2. Take pictures.  Photograph the conditions in question, document bruises and other injuries that indicate nursing home neglect.

3. Along with the notes you begin to take, also record times and dates on a calendar to correspond with the conversations and other conditions you have written down.  This will help you to build a timeline from which to work in the event that you file a formal complaint against the facility.

4. Contact the division of family services in your state to report substantial suspicions of abuse or neglect.  You can do this in Missouri by logging onto the Department of Health Senior Services and call the Elder Abuse Hotline.  In Kansas, you can log onto the State Attorney  General's website for information on reporting elder abuse.

5. If you suspect abuse or neglect and think that the patient is in imminent danger, do not hesitate to make arrangements to move the patient to safety as soon as safely possible.  Stay in contact with your loved one's physician and work to remove them to a safer location.

6. Be sure to get your family member's medical records from the facility as soon as you possibly can.

7. Contact a Missouri nursing home neglect lawyer for help understanding your rights.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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