According to Data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS), there were 123,918 large commercial truck crashes in the United States in 2008:Truck Accident Lawyers
•    49,084 large truck crashes resulted in injury
•    73,047 people were seriously injured in large truck crashes
•    944 fatal truck crashes resulted in a total of 4,808 fatalities.
In fact, one big rig trucking accident occurs about every four minutes and someone is seriously or fatally injured every hour.
If you drive on Kansas City highways, it is inevitable that you will share the road with big rig trucks. Is there anything that you can do to avoid a Missouri 18-wheeler accident? Safety Tips: Sharing the Road With Commercial Trucks
1.    Watch for the right turns:
Big rigs usually need to make wide right turns. The truck can accidentally clip or squeeze a smaller car next to them and cause serious injuries to the passengers. When you are driving next to a large truck, watch for turn signals and other signs that the truck may be turning and give the truck driver plenty of room.
2.    Watch for left turns: When trucks turn left, they often cross the center line in order to give themselves turning space. Do not try to pass a truck that is turning.
3.    Watch for the blind spot: Tractor trailers trucks have a much wider blind spot than the average car.  Changing lanes can result in a serious semi truck accident.  If you are driving past a large truck, DO NOT drive in the blind spot of the truck and watch for any signs or signals that the truck driver is about to change lanes. Remember the truck has blind spots in the front, back and on the sides.
4.    Don’t follow too closely: Give the truck plenty of space so it can brake or make turns.  Leave at least a three second following distance.
5.    Do not cut in front of a large truck: Large trucks take much longer to brake than either cars or motorcycles. Cutting in front of a truck can create an emergency braking situation and cause a jack knife truck accident. When passing a large truck always make sure that you can see the truck in your rear view mirror before pulling in front of them.
6.    Watch for air turbulence or splash and spray from passing trucks.

Ordinary drivers can help reduce tractor trailer accidents by safely sharing the road; however, safety tips cannot prevent crashes caused by distracted drivers, reckless drivers or poor truck maintenance.  

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