Driving down the road can be a dangerous prospect.  Hundreds of people are injured or die on Kansas and Missouri highways and roads.  One of the most dangerous places on the road is the point where two roads meet together.  Just how dangerous are intersections?  Twenty-one percent of all fatal vehicle crashes.   Kansas City intersections are no exception to the rule.

In 1.9 million car accidents on record, a whopping 219,000 came about because someone ran a red light.  How dangerous are intersections?  Consider the fact that in those incidents, 180,000 people were injured.  Another 1,000 were killed.  Running a red light is a dangerous practice, but how many times have you witnessed a hurried driver speeding through at the last possible minute?  Sixty-three percent of people have.  Plenty of people think intersections are dangerous, in fact one study says that almost 4 out of 5 Americans think that they should be made safer. Before you think that intersection crashes can be blamed on environmental factors, you should know that 92 percent of intersection crashes happen in dry weather.  Drivers who text, check email and social media, or even chat on the phone while they are driving are distracted drivers. It isn't ice, rain, and snow that pose the most threat to Kansas City motorists.  It is often sober drivers who are simply not paying attention. Who gets injured the most in intersection crashes?  Despite what you might think, the most affected age groups are not teens.  In fact the most vulnerable to an intersection accident are adults 21-49 years-old, then seniors age 65 and up.  Dangerous intersection wrecks cost the public approximately $96 billion each year.  In 2008 and 2009, over 14,000 people were killed in intersection crashes in the United States.  The numbers are sobering.  Consider that those statistics represent 21 percent of all traffic related deaths nationally. Dangerous intersections are serious business.  For Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, your dangerous intersection crash is serious business.  The Kansas City dangerous intersection crash lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys offer you a free initial consultation to help you sort through the details of your case.  Call us at 888-348-2616 for more information.  For more information download your free copy of the resource guide 10 Essential Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Injury Claim

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