Hearing loss after a car accident

Going through the stress and trauma of a car accident is bad enough, but there are things that can continue to affect your life long after the accident.  Even if you walk away without major bones broken or scars, other injuries can alter your quality of life and take away some of the things you once enjoyed.  Losing your hearing is one of those potential issues that can rob you of the life you had before the accident.  Kansas City auto accident victims should know the risks associated with hearing loss after an accident, and the steps they can take to make life better.

Hearing loss can result if an auto accident victim suffers a sudden, jarring blow to the head.  Inner ear concussion is a possibility, as are breaks and fractures to the bones in the inner ear.  Other injuries include middle ear bone dislocation, damage to the drum, and fracture of the cochlea.  No matter the nature of the injury, permanent damage and hearing loss as well as balance issues are possible results.

Types of damage.  If the damage involves the three tiny bones that make up the inner ear, the damage is said to be conductive hearing loss.  This type of hearing loss is mechanical in nature and not always permanent.  On the other hand, damage referred to as sensorineural affects the inner function of the ear, and is irreversible.  Sensorineural hearing loss usually affects the ability to hear higher tones, and can be the result nerve damage.

Airbags and hearing loss.  Even if you do not suffer a severe blow to the head, your hearing can sustain substantial damage if the air bag is deployed.  Air bags are meant to keep you safe in a car accident, but when they are deployed, the result is an amazing sound pressure level of 170 decibels.  The average jet engine roars at take off at 140 decibels.  Airbag deployment causes some level of permanent hearing loss in 15 percent of car accident victims.  Ruptured eardrums, damage to the equilibrium, and other permanent damage are possible results.  Tinnitus, or chronic ringing in the ears, is another condition many car accident victims suffer permanently.

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