If you have been involved in a Missouri traffic accident, you will need to file a police report. The police report provides official documentation of your accident and helps speed up the insurance claims process.

When a Missouri car crash results in injury or a death, a crash report is generated. This occurs when the Missouri Highway Patrol officer at the scene of the accident makes a radio report to his troop's headquarters. The radio operator types the radio report into the Patrol's computer system. This generates an online crash report that is sent to other troop headquarters and General Headquarters.

If there is no injury, an automatic report is not generated, but a written report may be. You should ask the police officer at the scene whether you will need to file your own Missouri vehicle accident report. You can do this at any local police station.

If your Kansas City car accident happened within city limits, a local police officer may come to the scene. In this case, a police report will be generated, but it will not be available online.

Accident reports are considered "open record" and cannot be withheld from the public. The report can be accessed by anyone within hours after the accident and is available online for 29 days. However, when a fatal crash occurs, the posting of the report will be delayed until next of kin are notified.

To get an official copy of an accident report, you must visit your local Highway Patrol troop headquarters or call (573) 526-6113. The official report is available about ten working days after the accident.

When you get your copy of the official accident report, review the information carefully.

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