Recently, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety released the 2012 Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws. According to the roadmap, Missouri has some work to do. Missouri received a yellow, or caution, rating from the Advocates because of gaps in recommended safety laws. As a Kansas City driver, it is important to understand those gaps, how to stay safe on Missouri roads, and when to contact a Kansas City auto accident attorney.

9 Significant Gaps in Missouri Safety Laws

While Missouri did not receive the lowest possible rating in the advocates review of state highway safety laws, the advocates did find nine areas in which Missouri driving safety laws could be significantly improved. Specifically, the review found that Missouri could benefit from a:
  • Primary enforcement seat belt law.
  • Graduated driver’s license law that establishes 16 as the minimum age for a learner’s permit.
  • Graduated driver’s license law that has stronger nighttime restrictions.
  • Graduated driver’s license law that has stronger cell phone restrictions.
  • Graduated driver’s license law that establishes age 18 as the age when a driver can get an unrestricted license.
  • Requirement that all people convicted of drunk driving have an ignition interlock device.
  • Child endangerment law.
  • Open container law.
  • Law prohibiting text messaging for all drivers.

819 people lost their lives in 2010 Missouri motor vehicle accidents, and vehicle accidents cost the state an estimated $4.74 billion each year.

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