Seat belts save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 15,000 lives are saved each year in the United States because drivers and their passengers were wearing seat belts during an accident.
Seat belts work by restraining the strongest part of the body to slowdown the impact on the body while and spreading out the force of the crash.  They protect the brain and spinal cord and keep the occupant inside the vehicle. Seat belts are the best protection from serious injury and death in a Missouri motor vehicle accident.
Despite numerous studies that prove the value of seat belts, many Missouri and Kansas drivers do not buckle up.  They may believe that seat belts are inconvenient or that they are safer unbuckled.  The Kansas City auto accident attorneys at  Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys bring you the truth behind the most common seat belt myths. 
MYTH #1: Seat belts are uncomfortable and inconvenient. 
A seat belt may be slightly uncomfortable or confining if you are not used to wearing one and it may be a hassle to remember to buckle up, but once you make wearing a seat belt a habit, you won't notice any discomfort or inconvenience.
MYTH #2: The belts in my car aren't tight; they don't work properly. 
Seat belts in recent model cars are designed for comfort.  They allow drivers and passengers the freedom to move. If the car suddenly changes speed or direction, the seat belt automatically tightens and locks up.  This freedom of movement is a design feature, not a defect.
MYTH #3: My car has airbags; I don't need to wear a seat belt.
Air bags are designed to work with seat belts.  Drivers and passengers who are not buckled up may slide under the airbag and sustain serious injury.  In addition, front airbags only offer protection in head-on crashes.  A seat belt offers protection in all types of crashes.
MYTH #4: It is better to be thrown clear of the vehicle in a Missouri car crash.
If you are thrown from your vehicle during a Missouri car accident, you are likely to have your body crash through the windshield, scraped along the asphalt, and possibly crushed by another car on the road.  If you wear a seat belt; however, you are likely to remain in your vehicle and have your impact buffeted by the vehicle's air bags and padding.  
If you wear only a lap belt while driving your car, your chances of surviving a Missouri car accident are twice as good as those of someone who is not buckled up. If you wear a lap and shoulder belt, your chances of survival after a car accident are three to four times better. To learn more about how seat belts work, read our article, "Seat Belts save Lives: A Lafayette County, MO Auto Accident Lawyer Explains How Seat Belts Work."
To learn more about seat belt safety, read out article: "Three More Seat Belt Myths: Knowing The Facts May Save Your Life."

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