Everyone’s talking about distracted driving. With so much discussion and so many heated opinions, it can be difficult to discern whether distracted driving is really and truly a danger or if it is simply the popular cause to support. Our Kansas City car accident attorneys believe that distracted driving is a real danger and we base that conclusion on actual statistics and not hearsay. Below we share some facts with you so that you can come to your own conclusion. We also provide information about contacting a Kansas City auto accident lawyer if you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver.

Kansas Distracted Driving Statistics

2008 is the most recent year for which the Kansas Department of Transportation has published data regarding distracted driving accident statistics. In Kansas, as in the rest of the country, there was a dramatic increase in distracted driving crashes in the past decade. The numbers indicate:



  • Almost double the number of cell phone distracted driving crashes in 2008 compared to 2003. In 2003 there were 198 accidents, 1 death and 100 injuries related to cell phone distracted driving reported. In 2008, there were 394 accidents, 4 deaths and 193 injuries.




  • The number of distracted driving accidents for other causes such as GPS use, radio use, reading a newspaper while driving, and attending to children stayed relatively consistent or decreased during the same time period.



  • For all forms of distracted driving – cell phones, electronic media, and non-electronic distractions – the age group with the highest occurrence rates was drivers 19 and younger.

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*Source: Kansas Department of Transportation, 2008 Kansas Traffic Accident Facts, Driver Distractions


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