There are a lot of risks facing you during pregnancy. Some, like alcohol, can easily be avoided. However, others, such as traveling by car, may be much harder to avoid. You can’t, after all, avoid going to work, visiting the doctor, and living your life for nine months because of what might happen if you are in a car accident. Yet, it is important to understand the risks facing you and your baby if you get into a car accident. 
Risks in a Kansas City Car Crash for a Pregnant Mother
As a pregnant woman, you need to be aware that a car crash can cause:
  • Internal bleeding or hemorrhaging, this may occur if the placenta separates from the uterine wall during, or following, the accident.
  • Preterm labor, a physical injury or the emotional stress of the accident can lead put your body into labor even if you are not yet close to your due date.
Risks in a Kansas City Car Crash for an Unborn Child
The risks for your unborn child can be just as significant. An unborn child may suffer:
  • Preterm delivery, a preterm delivery can result in a low birth weight baby or a baby’s whose organs have not yet matured. Serious, life long, birth injuries can result if the baby survives.
  • Miscarriage,  if the accident occurs before the baby is viable outside of your womb then a miscarriage may result.

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