Has your doctor suggested a hip replacement after a Kansas City car crash? Did you think hip replacements only happened to older adults? The unfortunate fact is that it is not uncommon for hip replacement surgery to be necessary after a Missouri car accident.

During hip replacement surgery, the damaged hip is removed from the body and an artificial hip is put in. Hip replacement surgery is recommended when severe hip damage prevents the hip from healing or working properly, when a previous injury has caused the hip joint to deteriorate faster than normal, and when there is a combination of injuries to the hips, pelvis and thighs.

While most hip replacement surgery goes smoothly, there are possible risks and complications. These include:

  • Blood clots in the leg veins after surgery
  • Injury to the veins during surgery
  • Infections at the incision site
  • Infections in the tissue near the new hip
  • Fracture or injury to the healthy parts of the bone during surgery
  • Change in leg length
  • Stiff joint or difficulty moving the joint
  • Dislocation of the artificial hip joint 
  • Breaking of the artificial joint
  • Defective or recalled artificial hips


After a hip replacement, the accident victim will begin a physical therapy regimen designed to increase strength and range of motion in the joint. It takes three to six months to fully recover from hip replacement surgery; however, even after surgery, one should not expect to enjoy the same mobility as before the accident. The patient will have to avoid high impact activities such as running, jumping and playing basketball.

Artificial hips are only designed to last about 15 years. When a prosthetic hip wears out, it must be replaced. If the accident victim is young, he or she may require two or three or more hip replacements.

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