You may love being at your job, and you may love being home after doing your job. It is the process of getting to and from your workplace that fills you with dread. It is the daily commute that makes you want to give it all up and find another way to make a living in a place with less traffic congestion and fewer driving dangers. While you fantasize about such a life, our Kansas City accident injury attorneys want you to know that there may be safer ways to commute.

How to Make Your Kansas City Commute Safer

While there is no one solution that will be right for everyone, you might consider:

  • Not doing any business (professional or personal) while you are driving. Do not make doctors’ appointments, answer calls from your boss, or plan your child’s birthday party while you are driving. Instead, use the time to focus on driving safely and to enjoy a few minutes of peace in your busy day.
  • Carpooling. You may be able to carpool with colleagues or family members in order to cut down on your driving time and related stress.
  • Talking to your boss about working a staggered shift. Starting your workday an hour or two early or late may make a significant difference in your commute.

You might also consider public transportation, if it is feasible from your home.

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