If you are over 65, you may worry about fracturing your hip in a slip or fall. But did you know that you are also at risk of fracturing a hip if you are ever involved in a Kansas City car accident?

The high forces experienced in Missouri car crash can put enough stress on the hip joint to break even strong, young bones. These hip fractures or broken hips are very common Missouri car accident injuries among older adults who have lower bone density.

Hip fracture is a term used to refer to a break in the femur (thigh bone) that occurs where the leg meets the hip. There are two main types of hip fractures:


  1. Femoral Neck Fractures: The ball-and-socket part of the hip joint is broken off the femur.
  2. Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures: The femur is broken below the joint near the top of the leg.


Surgery is necessary for almost all hip fractures. In most cases, screws and metal plates are inserted to stabilize the bone as it heals. However, if the hip joint suffers extensive damage, the entire joint may be removed and replaced with an artificial metal joint.

It takes time to recover from a hip injury. After surgery, a Missouri accident injury victim will require intensive physical therapy. The patient will gradually engage in physical activity, but complete recovery from a hip fracture can take a year or longer. During this time, the hip fracture patient may need the help of a caregiver for personal care and other basic needs.

Unfortunately, many elderly accident victims never completely recover after a hip fracture. Adults age 65 or older are more likely to enter a nursing home after a hip fracture than after any other type of injury. Half of elderly hip fracture victims lose the ability to walk after their injury. Four percent of hip fracture victims die during their initial hospitalization. One in four patients die within a year after the hip fracture.

Hip fractures are more than painful injuries; they are often the catalyst to a loss of independence or a decline in health and well-being. If you or your loved one has fractured a hip after a Missouri car crash, contact a Kansas City car crash attorney. You may be eligible for monetary compensation for your medical, follow-up care, lost income and more.

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