Recently, more than 25 vehicle models from a variety of manufacturers were recalled because defects in their electrical systems could lead to vehicle fires.  Mechanical or car design defects are the leading cause of vehicle fires.  
Such defects include: 
Failure to incorporate anti-leak valves
Failure to include fuel-filler tube-check valves
Failure to protect fuel lines
Inadequate shielding of the fuel tank
Placement of the fuel tank in the vehicle crush zone
Short circuiting of electrical systems due to unusual wear or design flaws
Since there are at least six flammable fluids in a car, as well as multiple electrical systems, it is not surprising that in the United States, a car fire occurs about every 96 seconds. Car fires are responsible for about 500 car accident deaths a year.
When a car catches fire, the fire spreads quickly as car upholstery and carpeting may be highly combustible.
Experts suggest taking the following steps to prevent car fires:
Check your vehicles website for recalls and if recalled, bring your car to the dealer for the necessary repairs.
Follow a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle.
Get fluid lines, caps, hoses and filters inspected for leaks that may ignite.  
Fires may occur after a collision, while a car is running, and even while the car is parked with the engine off.
If your car catches on fire, following these steps may save your life.
1. Pull over to the side of the road and turn off the ignition to stop the electrical current and flow of gas.
2. Put the car in park and set the emergency brake so the vehicle does not move.
3. Do not open the hood as more air may ignite a flame and expose you to a sudden flare-up.
4. Get everyone out of the vehicle and at least 100 feet away.  Leave your stuff; it is not worth risking your life for.
5. If possible, warn other vehicles.
6. Call 911.
7. Do not try to put the fire out yourself.

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