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Hidden Car Crash Injuries: Why You Should See A Doctor After a Kansas City Car Crash to Rule Out Soft Tissue Injuries.

When a Kansas City car crash occurs, sudden braking and the impact of the crash can cause the people inside the vehicle to be jolted around.  This jolting can cause damage to the soft tissues of the body: the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
More than 80 percent of car crash victims suffer soft tissue injuries, even when the car crashes occur at low speeds of less than ten miles per hour.  The force of impact in the car accident may cause soft tissues to stretch considerably, resulting in damage. The damage can cause pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding and loss of function. 
Common soft tissue injuries include:
• Whiplash
• Herniated discs
• Torn muscles
• Sprains
• Strains
• Contusions
• Tears
• General soreness
Although soft tissue injuries are very common, they are often overlooked. They can’t be detected with an X-ray.  In addition, the symptoms may not appear for hours or even days or weeks after a car accident.  In many cases, there is a minor car crash and the victim appears fine, but then wakes up in severe pain the next day.  The pain is often persistent and there may be swelling. 
Symptoms of soft tissue injury:
• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Sore muscles or spasms in the back
• Tingling or numbness in the extremities
• Dizziness or nausea
• Stiffness
• Difficulty moving
• Swelling
• Bruising

If you experience any of these symptoms in the weeks following a Kansas City traffic accident, you should see a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat your soft tissue injury.  When soft tissue injuries are left untreated, the pain may become chronic and last for years or even decades.
Many soft tissue injuries can be treated with pain killers and rest.  Others may require heat or ice therapy to help with stiffness and swelling.  In some cases, physical therapy or chiropractic services are necessary. 
If you sustained soft tissue injuries in a Kansas City motor vehicle accident, you deserve to be compensated for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other injury-related losses.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often dismiss soft tissue injuries as minor.  A Kansas City accident attorney can help you get the fair insurance compensation you deserve. For more information or to discuss your own injury claim, contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys at 888-348-2616.
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