You’ve spent a lot of time preparing your teen to drive without you in the car. You’ve talked (a lot!) about the dangers of drinking and driving, the distractions caused by friends in the car, and the perils of using a cell phone while driving. You’ve reviewed the significant consequences that will occur if your teen breaks the law or any of your driving rules.

However, have you talked about what will happen if your teen is in a Kansas City car accident? Have you discussed calling 911, a parent and a Kansas City car crash lawyer? Have you explained that not all accidents are a teen’s fault and that accidents can occur even when your teen is most vigilant?

What Your Teen Should Do After a Kansas City Auto Accident

You want your child to stay calm in what will be a very frightening situation. Therefore, it is important to review the basics of what should happen and consider leaving a copy of your instructions in the glove compartment or your child’s wallet for future reference.

Generally, you want your teen to:
  • Call 911.
  • Accept medical help.
  • Cooperate and be polite with police and other drivers but not offer an apology or accept responsibility.
  • Take down contact information for other drivers.
  • Call you. Then you can comfort your child, make sure your child is protecting his or her own rights and contact an experienced Kansas City car accident attorney for assistance.

How a Kansas City Car Crash Lawyer May Help

It is scary when you are in an accident, but when it is your child who has been in a wreck without you it is downright terrifying. Our experienced Kansas City personal injury lawyers understand that and want to help your family.

We know that teens are not always responsible for the accidents they are in and we know how to help injured car accident victims receive justice.

Have You Been Injured In A Kansas City Area Car Accident?

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