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How to Prevent a Kansas City Drunk Driving Accident From Ruining Your Prom, Graduation, and Life

The excitement is in the air. The end of high school is near and you are among the many teenagers who are ready to celebrate. During May and June, you may be attending proms, senior banquets, senior class nights, graduations, and private parties. These parties are often well deserved and a lot of fun. You should celebrate your accomplishments and you should eagerly anticipate the next chapter of your life.

However, your celebrations should not include drinking and driving. You want your last weeks of high school to be filled with fun and not with doctor’s appointments or meeting with a Kansas City car crash lawyer.

Worse, a drunk driving accident could take your life, or the life of someone else and change your celebration into a commemoration. Below are some tips on how to avoid drunk driving crashes during prom and graduation season.

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Hurt in a Drunk Driving Crash Even if You Don’t Drink
The most obvious way to avoid a drunk driving accident is to be the driver and to avoid drinking. However, that alone will not prevent an accident. Many of your classmates and kids from other schools are out celebrating too and might not use the same good sense. Accordingly, it is important to:

  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Be alert. If a driver is too tired to drive safely, then call a parent or another safe person for a ride.
  • Do not ride with a driver who is using a cell phone and driving.
  • Do not get in the car with a driver who has had any alcohol.
  • Know where you are going. Do not rely on a GPS.

These simple steps can save your life.
When to Call a Kansas City Car Crash Lawyer
If you have been hurt by someone else’s bad decision or negligence, then it is important to contact a Kansas City car crash attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Your Kansas City car accident lawyer can advise you of your rights and help you get a fair and just recovery so you can move on with your life.

For more information about how to protect your rights after a Kansas City drunk driving accident on prom night, during graduation season, or at any other time during the year, please read our FREE book, 10 Essential Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Injury Claim, and call an experienced Kansas City personal injury lawyer at (816) 471- 5111 or (888) 348-2616.

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