Many of today’s drivers remember times when seat belts were optional, car seats were rare, and air bags had yet to be invented. Today’s cars seem safe compared to the cars we rode in as children or young adults, but could cars be safer? Could a car actually prevent an accident and a call to a Kansas City car crash lawyer? Is it possible?

Cars of the Future May Prevent Kansas City Crashes
According to the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, dramatic changes in car technology are on the horizon and may be available sooner than expected. One of the major breakthroughs expected is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. One vehicle would “tell” another that it was slowing down or changing lanes, for example. By some estimates, more than 80% of accidents that are not caused by drunk, drugged or distracted driving could be avoided with this type of technology. Some auto manufacturers are already using a version of this kind of technology to scan for pedestrians and help drivers park cars safely.
Even Cars of the Future Won’t be Foolproof. Contact a Kansas City Car Crash Lawyer if You’re Hurt
The cars of the future aren’t here yet. Our Kansas City personal injury attorneys hope that technological improvements will help drastically reduce car accidents in Kansas City. However, we don’t expect these cars to be absolute protection. Unfortunately, accidents will still occur.

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